Digital Art-Art for Games-Cartoons-UX/UI


2D and 3D Art Production


Logo Design

Marketing Art

 Concept Art (Characters, environments, vehicles, objects, etc.)

Storyboarding and visual story development


Vector Graphics and Illustrations

 3D (High Poly and Low Poly)

 Pixel Art


 GUI  Production


UX (User Experience) Design

UI (User Interface) Design

HUD (head-up display) Design



Bone-based animations

Sprite-sheet Animations

ready to go GIF Animations



Here at Ponylab we work in collaboration with you to bring your game from an idea to reality. We work with you in planning all elements such as:

  • structure;
  • story flow;
  • characters,  objects, props, vehicles, etc;
  • UX/UI design;
  • settings and modes of play.

Already have these core game elements? No problems! We can provide valuable feedback and help you polish these to ensure you are delivering the best possible game.


Our team comprises of experts in all areas of game art and design.  Quality game assets are what will make your game stand out in this oversaturated game market.  So whatever your requirements, you can rest easy knowing your game will look polished and professional.


Building partnership with us will save you time and money.


  • Pay only for the work you need to be done.


  • No need to worry about ongoing expenses such as monthly salaries, insurance, holiday pay, sick leave, and many other incidental costs associated with having full-time employees on your staff.


  • We offer a variety of payment structures ranging from a pay-as-you-go hourly rate to a fixed rate per project so you know exactly how much you are spending.

Eliminate Headaches

 Ponylab takes all the stress out of creating visuals for your game.

Now you need not worry about your artist getting ill or being unable to meet deadlines.

(if any or similar occasion happening on our side – we always have a qualified member to help out)

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What Others Are Saying About Us

Big thanks to Serge and his team at Ponylab, an absolute pleasure to work with. I had Serge create a pixel wallpaper map that was going to be featured on the wall for the office I work at. The nature of the job meant that it would take a while, but he was there with me every step of the way, provided me with constant updates, gracious revisions and changes to the design, and worked tirelessly to make sure everything was in order from beginning to end. Would be more than happy to work with Ponylab in the future!
Brady Russell
Brady Russell
Working with Serg and his team at Ponylab really is a great experience. Not only do they know exactly what you want, but also what your game needs. They've been very patient and never fail to deliver. The game is still in progress and I cannot wait to show what Ponylab has created. Definitely a team of talented individuals whom I'll come back to again!
Chong Yun Xiang
Chong Yun Xiang
Ponylab does an awesome job and they really can't make mistakes. They assure that their customers are happy with their work and don't have any problems about it. There is nothing bad I can say about them. �
Mihai Darius
Mihai Darius
Ponylab helped me immensely with visualising aspects of my game. Really helpful, willing to listen to critics and even helped me out with some cool ideas of their own. Definitely recommend 🙂
Dennis van den Munckhof
Dennis van den Munckhof
It's a pleasure to work with Ponylab. I was surprised by their level of service. They give instant feedback on each stage of creating of an illustration, always ready to implement ediciones or propose their ideas. I recommend these guys, they are trustworthy.
Dmytro Semonov
Dmytro Semonov
Affordable, high quality, and fast response times. Can't ask for much more.
Daniel Parrott
Daniel Parrott
Thank you Ponylab team for our logo. Theirs work is professional, quick and with lot of variants. We like our logo!
Roman Zarichnyi
Roman Zarichnyi
Just started working with Ponylab for some game assets and sprites for my 2d side scrolling game. Its been a great experience that will be having me back asking them for more help in many more game related stuff i need. There game art is top notch and the team is respectful and professional with lots of talents! cheers
Guillermo Arturo Gomez
Guillermo Arturo Gomez
Awesome to work with. Delivered high-quality products in a timely fashion for a good price. Friendly and quick to respond to feedback.
Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
PonyLab has brought my vision to life! I gave them a sample, and they built amazingly on it. I definitely recommend their services. Friendly and Fast. Thank you so much.
Niikolo Miinded
Niikolo Miinded
Was ordering art for my University project game.I LOVED the service.Working with Ponylab team was like having a magic wand - you only telling what do you want and BOOM! You got it even better than you've ever imagined.Amazing.
Olga  Kozak
Olga Kozak
We've been working with Ponylab for about a month now to create some game assets for our cross-platform shooter. So far it's been an incredible experience. The team is both talented and professional, and I can't recommend them highly enough. Seriously -- if you need game art, hire these guys ASAP!
Jedd Goble
Jedd Goble
We needed some UI work done for our mobile game. Serg and Ponylabs were great to work with. They were professional and did the work according to your spec and even offered advice if they thought your idea could be improved on better. If you ever need work done, don't hesitate to contact and give them a chance. We definitely will do business with them in the future. Highly recommended.
Marcus Black
Marcus Black
Quick responses, professional standard of work, overall very pleased with the service and look forward to working with again in the future
Chris Sharpe
Chris Sharpe
Loves the Game Logo that ponies has created for me.Strongly recommend Ponylab for partnership 🙂
James Lee
James Lee
I needed some prototype assets for a small game/idea I'm working on. Serg and the rest of PonyLab were professional, a joy to work with, and they went above and beyond in their deliverables.If you need artwork done for a project, consider this studio. Top quality work!
Jack Kinsey
Jack Kinsey

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