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irstly it happened in 2016.

It was the very first accident in the whole world history. One world. Two ponies.
They always loved playing games and create visual worlds for their games.
You know that problem: you had created a game, but its structure, code frame it…
They knew about how to break those frames and go wide with the visual atmosphere for that code; they were able to expand it to space, another universe and everything that pony can ever insight.
So, time was running, and ponies were creating all those beautiful worlds for themselves for a bunch of years.

But on the October 14th, 2016, something strange occurred…
A human asked the ponies to help with the visuals for his game.
After that everything has changed.
More games, more ponies.
Meet ”Ponylab” – a ponified Prometheus of visuals for awesome Games & Apps.
Rocking first ever pony-human partnership since 2016.

We help to create Awesome Games for any platforms.


Developing the content and rules of a video game, planning and defining all the elements of a game: its settings, structure, story flow, characters, the objects, props, vehicles, and devices available to the characters, interface design and modes of play.

If you already have your core game elements defined, we’ll work on creating the best game using these elements, within a certain budget and timescale.

2D and 3D Art

– Logo design

– Mascots design

– Concept Art (Characters, environments, vehicles, objects, etc.)

– Storyboarding and visual story development

– Vector Graphics and Illustration

– Pixel Art

– GUI (The Graphical User Interface)

– Animations (Sprite-sheet Animation, Skeletal animation)

– Low poly 3D

If you haven’t found here what are you looking for – contact us, there is a big chance we can do that.

It’s a bit complicated to determine the standard rates as the price varies from a huge range of factors: service, sizes, preferable art-styles, time frames, the bigness of the project (the more work to do the better price per asset) and so on.

For our price policy, we use a personal approach. The best way to know the cost is to use the Get A Quote form or simply contact us with all the project details at hello@ponylab.studio.

Ponylab offers good proposals as for individuals as for large enterprises.

We'll answer within


Try and see 🙂

There are a few ways to pay:

• ”Ponylab” accept all major bank debit/credit cards.
We’re sending a bill on your email, and it will redirect you to our’s bank processor https page, where you’ll be able to pay.

• eCheck
(Individuals/Companies in the US only)

• Local Bank Transfer
(Companies in the US, EU, and the UK)

• Also, if you have a Payoneer account, we’re accepting direct Payoneer transfers.

We encourage you to consider this thing:
Why hire a human, when you can hire a bunch of ponies?

????Benefits of working with Ponylab:
•  Responsibility and Time

Don’t have time to write briefs and monitor various freelancers or artists at your company?

Let the Ponylab do all this for you, so you can fully focus on the business/developing processes.

Ponylab can manage all the Art modus operandi with quality assurance and deliver the best we can.

All we need from your company is a task (full brief or an overall vision), and then magic will happen.

Or maybe, you want to work tightly with the Art-team? That’s great! We’re pretty indie, so we have all the opportunities to work closely with you on all of your projects, search together for solutions and insights.

•  Need it ASAP? Your artist/freelancer is ill or can’t get in time with the project?

 Forget about it. If something is happening with the artist that is working on your project we always have a professional high skilled pony that will continue this project.

In a rush? No problem, we can plug in as many ponies on a particular project as you like.

Currently, in our team, there are 5 artists, but our business model developed in such flexible way, that we can connect new artists to the team with the speed and quality.

We always have in reserve at least two artists, who are ready to join us as needed.

 Always know how’s your projects are going and keep all the stuff in one place

Let’s use the Power of our internal CRM!

You’re able to access your personal private company’s link on our website at any time and see all the processes of all your art projects in one place: updates, deadlines, reviews, communication. All these with pretty visualization, graphics, and cozy UI.

•  No weekends

What is it? We’re working 7 days a week.

And probably one from the best things: we have remote ponies in different time zones.

That means: you sleep – we’re working. You awake – we’re working 🙂

•  Price

   Our HQ based in Ukraine. Due to the cheaper cost of living comparing to the US/Europe, this means, that you’ll always get a little better price than in the global market.  Finding such value for such rates somewhere else would be tough.

We’ve tried to find something similar and didn’t found 🙂

•  Pleasing Bonuses

Periodically, we joy our customers with lovely bonuses: translating their games & apps into Ukrainian and Russian, drawing additional free assets, making discounts, sending postcards.

Just because we love making everybody happy and we believe in pay it forward.


We’re always working on our services, so this list is not complete and we’ll always try to gladden you with the new services, features, and bonuses.